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Our main objective is to : Develop and deliver products that are environment friendly. Provide a quality product at reasonable price to our customersEchon Industries Limited has joined hands in technical collaboration with an Italian company to manufacture Rigid Foam & Free Foam PVC Sheets in the name ECOCELL on newly acquired automatic and sophisticated machinery from its technical collaborators in November 1997 and different article made there of. 

Mfrs. & Suppliers of Rigid Foam & Free Foam PVC Sheets, Doors, Prefabricated House etc.. 

FREE FOAM - GRADE ECEL - 100 Free Foam PVC sheet is made out of extrusion & Calendar process. The sheet is having same density all over the thickness and having a matt finish surface. The surface is bit soft too hence mainly applicable for Signage, Picture molding Printing and similar usage. The average density range between 0.58 to 0.70g/cc. This sheet is also available in different shades & colours. RIGID FOAM PVC SHEETS - GRADE ECEL - 152 This is also called Celluka Sheet or Integral Foam PVC Sheet. It is processed through Extrusion & Calibration system. It is extruded through Die having two different layer and immediately cooled in Calibrator and so top & bottom layer are having more hardness or we can call Rigid layers while in between it is foam, hence called Rigid Foam PVC Sheets. All over thickness it is having same density but at the top & bottom it is double the density so it is more Rigid & hard, glossy & smooth. This gives sheet a smooth finish and with this advantage it becomes versatile product hence not only applicable for Signage, Printing, Picture Molding but also for building material purpose such as false ceiling, partitions, doors, electrical & chemical applications also. The normal density is 0.55 to 0.65g/cc. SEMI RIGID FOAM PVC SHEET - GRADE ECEL - 160 This is further improvement of ECEL - 152 by making it harder with increased density upto 0.80 to 0.90, so to be more scratch resistance and for specialized application in building and for other industrial use. RIGID PVC SHEETS - GRADE ECEL 204 Rigid PVC Sheet is also called Extruded PVC Sheet or Compact PVC Sheet having density of 1.44g/cc, available in 1mm to 10mm and width 1, 1.2 & 1.5 Mtr and in white, Ivory, gray and other colours. LAMINATED SHEETS The sheets is laminated by Hot Stamping foil to given various colours & wood grain finish. Lamination can be done on all thickness and also either one side or on both side of the sheet. WUDPLUS / SHUTTERING PLY - GRADE ECEL 1002 This is further improvement on ECEL 162 by applying different additives and hardener and so it is perfect replacement of Marine Plywood for shuttering, Pre-fabricated homes and other applications.  

ECOCELL is the most creative, eco friendly product with incompatible physical properties for a very wide range of applications in both interiors as well as exteriors. Like advertising, construction and industry for instance. ECOCELL's wonder properties include light weight, durable and versatile surface most suitable for printing, painting, milling or routering and workable by ordinary carpentry tools and conventional handling methods. This makes it most convenient and cost effective. WudPlus Doors are fabricated by experts with world class Rigid PVC Foam sheets, manufactured by CELLUKA process on latest state of the art European plant & machinery while keeping in mind the specific customer needs & expectations for an international quality door.The main constituents of WudPlus are 70% PVC and 30% different additives to make its workability better than wood as well as totally weather resistant & maintenance free. The doors are reinforced with high quality of MS frame and the flush doors are given a PUF packing so as to provide an extra thermal & acoustic insulation property. In addition to other incomparable properties.  

Building sector Shop - fitting, interior decoration, zones of high humidity (bathroom etc.) air - conditioning and ventilation systems, heat and sound insulation, shutter ply etc. Furniture Benches, doors, windows, table, counters, cabinets, wardrobes, shelves, cots, dressing tables etc. Prefabricated Huts Instant solution for your need of Houses, Site Offices, Class Rooms, Bath Rooms, Hospitals, Camp Site, Terrace Rooms, Beach House, Security Rooms, Cellular Phone Shelter, Farm house etc. Electrical Engineering Switch cabinets, channels for cables & wires, control panels. Miscellaneous Construction of containers, apparatus, models, equipment for photographic laboratories, electroplating, traffic signs, building site boards, dance floors, computer rooms etc. Surface finish Smooth glossy, semi glossy, matt printed and wood like veneer or marble and granite design etc. Specific color or length or finish can be developed on request. Cold Storage Due to excellent thermal insulation property, resistant to water/ moisture and totally non ferrous surface, ECOCELL provides an ultimate material for cold storage and food industry. Physical Specifications Available in a vast array of colors i.e. super white, Ivory, grey etc. and in wood finish like King's Maple, French wild cherry, Plateau Mahogany, stone Oak, Elegant Walnut, etc.  

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